Wilson Ultra Triad 133g Squash Racket (One Forty BLX replacement)

Wilson Ultra Triad 133g Squash Racket (One Forty BLX replacement)


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The wilson ultra triad squash racket is perfect for players looking for a polyvalent squash ! It’s the come back of a legendary squash racket ! This squash racket combine confort et power.


Frame Weight: 133grams

Weight: 155 grams

Balance: 36.5

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The Wilson Ultra triad squash racket is incredibly well balanced, it is one of the best squash racket ever produced. Thanks to its 155 grams and its head balance, you will have a punching power while having confort thanks to the Triad system.

You are going to ask yourself what is the triad system ?

The triad system, available on this squash racket is located in the heart of the racket, just before the start of the frame which offer reduction of the vibration transmission, a very good control and a lot of power !!! Thanks to its patented system, this squash racket will allow you to gain precision while having an exponential power.

The wilson ultra triad squash racket is able to resist to every shocks thanks to the triad system. Thanks to its composition (basaltex, carbon and graphite) is even stronger and durable.

With its blue frame, you won’t go unnoticed. This squash racket will boost your look and your game ! Powerful, this wilson squash racket brings you power and incredible comfort thanks to its triad technology that reduces vibration.

To conclude, the wilson ultra triad squash racket is a polyvalent racket that combines power and control, precision and maneuverability. This squash racket allows the player to play in very good conditions and will help to develop his technique.